The need for repairs to your house will arise from time to time. Some repairs are more urgent than others and some are done as part of a programme of planned maintenance.

If an emergency occurs during office hours, you should phone us as soon as possible on (01595) 694986. Out of office hours, in the first instance, you should try to contact the relevant emergency contractor using the details on our Emergency Contact Numbers page.

We are legally obliged to maintain your home in a fit and safe condition and we think it is good practice to minimise the effects of age, use and weathering. Equally, we expect you to undertake basic maintenance, as explained in your tenancy agreement, and it’s important that you alert us to the need for repairs, especially if there is any risk to life or limb or the property is likely to suffer further damage.

We employ our own maintenance staff but we also engage private contractors to carry out some work.

Under the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001, we must carry out small, urgent repairs within a given timescale under the ‘Right to Repair’ scheme.

The subject of repairs is dealt with fully in Hjaltland Housing Association’s Maintenance Policy.