Energy Advice

We all use energy to keep our homes warm and lit, and none of us wants to spend more on heating or lighting than we need to.

The key to keeping costs down is, of course, to use less energy. The simplest way to do that is to turn the thermostat down a degree or two to a level that’s still comfortable. It can save a surprising amount.

Once you’ve done that, there are various other ways that you can keep warm at lower cost, including:

  • ensuring that windows and doors are properly closed and taking care to set any heating time-switches to the most appropriate periods.
  • When an electrical appliance such as a refrigerator wears out, you can replace it with one that uses much less power.
  • You can ensure that equipment such as televisions or computers aren’t left for long periods on standby.

If you’d like some advice from one of our team, you can contact us to arrange a visit.

Shetland Islands Citizens Advice Bureau can offer appointments with specialist energy advisers to ensure you are paying energy costs in the most cost-effective way.

There’s lots more advice on the Energy Saving Trust website or on the Scottish Government’s Greener Scotland website.

Energy Action Scotland is a brilliant resource, with lots of advice on how to get the best deal from your energy, as well as links to organisations offering information and help with fuel bill problems, grants for heating and information about your supplier, including information on the Priority Services Register and how to register included.

All electricity and gas suppliers offer certain free priority services if you are registered disabled, chronically sick, have sight or hearing difficulties, or are a pensioner. If you think you are eligible contact your fuel supplier and ask to be included on their Priority Service Register.

Free services include:

  • Help with reading your meters or moving your meters if you have difficulty reaching them
  • A password scheme to protect against bogus callers
  • A bill nominee if you would like your bills to be sent to a relative, friend or carer so they can help read and check your bill
  • Priority in an emergency (this could include providing alternative heating and cooking facilities in the event of supply disconnection).

Energy Action Scotland (in conjunction with SP Energy Networks) have also produced a "Keep Warm & Well This Winter" advice leaflet, with information & advice on keeping your energy use as low as possible over the winter period.

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