Request a Mutual Exchange

There are many reasons why you might want to swap homes with someone else. Perhaps your house just isn’t big enough for your growing family. Maybe the children have left home and it’s time to downsize. You may have decided to move to be nearer family or to a new job.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to move, a mutal exchange could be the answer. You can request a swap within Shetland, or between Shetland and anywhere else in the UK. Within Shetland, Hjaltland tenants can swap between properties owned by Hjaltland, or between properties owned by Hjaltland and the Council. If you’re a Council tenant, you can swap between Council properties, or between the Council and Hjaltland. It really is that flexible.

There are, of course, some conditions that you must meet. You mustn’t organise a swap without our permission. Your rent payments must be up to date. You must have kept your property in good order; and the property to which you want to move must be a reasonable size for your needs. More info can be found in our Mutual Exchange Policy & a Mutual Exchange application form can be found here on the Council's website. This is a joint form between the 2 organisations, so can be used even if requesting a mutual exchange between 2 Hjaltland Housing tenants.

If you can tick all those boxes, a swap can help you move on in your life, bring you closer to friends or family and perhaps release a larger house that’s needed by someone else.

An easy way to find a swap is to use the Homeswapper website.

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