Out of Hours Emergency Repairs

All out of hours calls are handled by a response centre on behalf of the Association. The response centre will arrange for a contractor to attend if the repair is considered an emergency according to the Associations Maintenance Policy.

The number to call if you have an emergency repair when the office is closed is 01595 692387.

If the repair is not considered an emergency then we will handle your repair request once the office re-opens.

What Is an Emergency? (Target completion of an emergency repair is 6hrs from receipt of initial call)

  • An emergency arises where there is danger to life or limb or serious damage to property.
  • A failure in the mains electrical supply, other than a power cut
  • A dangerous electrical fault
  • A burst water pipe or water tank
  • Uncontainable leak
  • A blocked drain, or if it’s backing up
  • A blocked or totally unusable WC, if there is only one in the house
  • A property that is insecure, with a broken window or a damaged door, following an event such as a break-in or possibly storm damage
  • An emergency also arises if someone is locked in / locked out, if they are or have elderly, disabled, children or other vulnerable people living at the property.

Emergency Repair - Total Loss of Heating - 24 Hours

Where there is a total loss of heating with no alternative, report over a weekend or public holiday, we will complete this repair within 24 hours. Where the issues is complex and can't be resolved within the timescales, an alternative heat source (e.g plug-in heat) will be supplied.

Please see Emergency Utility Contacts should you have external probems with water or electricty supplies.

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