Out of Hours Contacts

If something goes wrong when our office is closed we have contractors who can put things right. If you need a contractor for an out of hours emergency please click on the link below for contact details.

Please bear in mind that you should only call out a contractor if the work that is needed is an emergency, and cannot wait until our office staff are able to deal with it on the next working day. If you call out a contractor when it is not an emergency, you will need to refund the cost of the work to us. Emergency Contact Numbers.

Examples of emergencies, when you should call a contractor, include:

  • A failure in the mains electrical supply, other than a power cut
  • A dangerous electrical fault
  • A burst water pipe or water tank
  • A blocked drain, if there is serious leakage
  • A blocked or totally unusable WC, if there is only one in the house
  • A property that is insecure, with a broken window or a damaged door, following an event such as a break-in or possibly storm damage

However, the following – whilst they certainly need early attention – are not treated as emergencies:

  • Roof leaks to the property.
  • Repair of minor water leaks on central heating and hot water installations.
  • Broken sanitary fittings.
  • Slow drainage of sanitary fittings and showers

Loss of keys is not considered an emergency either, unless the person locked out of the house (or locked in the house) is elderly, disabled, has special needs or is a young child.

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