Getting Involved

We’re always keen to hear from our tenants and we want to involve them in the decisions we make.

Getting involved is easy and can be done in a number of ways including, coming into the office, phoning, emailing and using the website. Please follow the links below to find out more about how you can get involved using the website.

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Leave Feedback

If you would like to tell us about your experience of our services, you can do so using the form below.

Become a Member

Whether you’re a tenant of the Association or simply live in Shetland and have an interest in housing, you can become a member of the Hjaltland Housing Association.


From time to time, we revise our policies or consider our future programme of work.

Staff Vacancies

Hjaltland Housing Association employs a number of staff to enable it to do its job and we occasionally have vacancies in our team.

Become a Committee Member

The Committee of Management for the Association is made up of Association Members voted in by the membership at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Make a Suggestion

Do you know of a way in which we could improve our service? Have you a proposal to make our information clearer? Is there a way in which we can make this website a better source of advice?

Information for Tenants

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