Previous Consultations

You can read about the consultations we’ve previously undertaken by following the links below.

In 2011 we consulted with tenants on the review of our Maintenance Policy, you can read the tenants' comments and the Association's responses in the Maintenance Policy Review.

Annually, the Association undertakes an independent consultation with the tenants living in our sheltered units to seek their views on the service they receive. The Shetland Tenants forum assists us with this process and the finding are contained in the feedback report.

The Hub Project - The Association has a joint project with the Shetland Islands Council to provide supported accommodation to those in transition out of the care system. as part of the review of the project an independent evaluation was under taken by the Community Mediation Team which involved consulting with all the young people who have used the project, staff and the management team. The results of this are containined in the evaulation report and were fed into the Big Lottery Annual report that we submit to the Big Lottery who assist with the funding of the project.

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