Shetland Housing Options

Although our Association is mainly concerned with renting housing, we can also offer a number of other routes towards your ideal home. The links below will take you to pages that explain the many different ways in which you can meet your housing needs.

In this Section

Apply for a House or a Transfer

Find details of our allocation policy, and learn how to apply.

Shared Ownership

Sharing Ownership is a way of helping people who wish to own their own home, but cannot afford to purchase one on the open market.

Shared Equity

There are a number of Shared Equity Schemes to assist people to purchase a property.

Private Rental

Some people in Shetland rent their home from a private landlord.

Buying a Home

For many people, buying a home of their own is the ideal housing solution.

Self Build

There is a strong tradition of self-build in Shetland, there are various ways of undertaking such a project.

SIC Housing

Shetland Islands Council has a large stock of rented homes throughout the islands. At Hjaltland, we work closely with colleagues in the Council’s Housing Service.


The Shetland Islands Council has legal obligations to prevent and alleviate unintentional homelessness.

Housing Options Guide

There are many different ways of meeting your housing needs in Shetland.