Hjaltland Housing Association Ltd was created from a merger in 1980 between Scottish Airports Ltd, formed in 1974, and the then Hjaltland Housing Association, formed in 1975.

These associations were originally formed to aid the Shetland Islands Council in providing housing for incoming oil industry workers. Up until 1982, the Association provided 88 houses, most of which were family houses.

Prior to 1984, the Association's administration was carried out in Edinburgh, with part-time Shetland staff managing lettings visits and maintenance. In 1984, the management committee conducted a review and decided that an improved service would require full-time Shetland staff.

By March 2016 the Association had grown to provide 693 homes, distributed throughout Shetland from Unst to Sumburgh, and from Sandness to Whalsay. Just over half the Association's houses are situated in Lerwick. The Association aspires to providing a further 149 homes by March 2021.

As well as providing for single people and families, the Association has been working closely with the Shetland Islands Council, and now has several properties providing homes for people with particular housing needs.

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The Association's Committee of Management is made up of Association Members voted in by the membership at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Committee of Management makes important decisions in the running of the Association between AGMs.