Hjaltland Housing Association hold 40th AGM

August 30th 2016

Hjaltland Housing Association's 40th Annual General Meeting took place on 25 August 2016. The Chair, Mr Bobby Hunter, welcomed Members to the meeting and reported on HHA’s operation over the past year. He drew attention to the Association’s continued development programme which saw 26 units reach completion with 47 still on site and plans for a further 123 homes to be allocated over the next 4 years.

Mr Hunter highlighted the work that had taken place to improve tenants existing houses while also explaining how much had been invested by the charity in the local community, saying “OSCR records indicate that the Association invested over £9million in the Shetland Community. This makes us the second largest charity in Shetland in terms of expenditure in the community. This includes targeted investment of £1million to improve the quality of our existing homes as well as over £5million on the development of new homes in Shetland.”

Mr Hunter introduced Ms Ruth Georgeson of RSM UK Audit LLP, who gave the Association a financial “clean bill of health” whilst also commenting on the current strength of the business and its balance sheet. Mr Hunter commented that the tangible results of HHA’s developments and commitment to tenants over the past 40 years can be seen throughout the islands, and that staff and Board Members, both past and present, could be proud of their achievements.

Mr Hunter was re-elected chair while Ms Hazel Sutherland stepped down as Treasurer and was succeeded by Dr Jeff Goddard. The current board comprises of 12 members; Jim Anderson, Peter Coleman, Jeff Goddard, Bobby Hunter, Leah Irvine, Dennis Leask, Gordon Mitchell, Colin Nicholson, Vaila Simpson, Theo Smith, Hazel Sutherland and Agnes Tallack.

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