NINES - Update and feedback

June 11th 2014

The NINES heating installs are progressing as planned, with work complete in approximately 70% of properties.

NINES development officer Louise Thomason is carrying out surveys with tenants after they have had their new heating systems installed.

The purpose of these is to offer advice on how to get the best from your heating and other energy saving tips. If you would like some extra support in how to operate your heater, or advice on how best to set it, please contact Louise at the office.

The surveys also offer an opportunity to gather feedback, either about the works to install the new heating, the systems themselves or any other aspect of the NINES project that you may have.

Approximately 100 tenants have taken part so far and given some important feedback, which lets us know how the installations are going and how well informed tenants feel.

If it is more convenient for you, the survey can be filled out online. Please click on the following link to fill it in.

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