NINES installations begin

August 29th 2013

Hjaltland Housing Association appointed E&H Heating & Ventilation Services, in July 2013, as the main contractor to carry out the installation of new Dimplex NINES Quantum heating and hot water systems in 235 of its properties. Westside Electrical Services were appointed as electrical sub-contractor.

This work formed part of the Association’s planned maintenance programme, and enables tenants who received the systems to participate in the pioneering Northern Isles New Energy Solutions (NINES) project.

Tenants in properties in the following schemes and locations are currently included in the NINES project:

Colonial Place; Thistle Court; Brind; Grostane; Browns Road; Kirkhus; Stackhoull; Tronaster; Sandblister Place; Upper Glebe; Nederdale; Gremmasgaet; Staney Hill; Water Lane; Swarthoul; Gibblestone; Norrendal; Setter Hill; Hulsidale; Stocketgaet; Norgaet; Breiwick Road; Nordavatn; Gostagaert; Lowries; Undirhoul; Lingaro; Vagaland.

Tenants are given the option of taking part in the project and therefore allow SHEPD to make changes to their current flexible charging regime, improving capacity on the electricity network and allowing the connection of electricity generated from renewable sources.

For more information or to sign up to the project, please contact the association on 01595 694686, or at

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