NINES installs progressing

January 27th 2014

The installation of heaters and hot water tanks in Hjaltland properties as part of the Northern Isles New Energy Solutions (NINES) project is well under way.

The contractors began in August and to date have installed systems in approximately 90 homes. Feedback gathered from tenants has been positive, with tenants citing the ease of use and extra control as plus points.

Tenants’ comments include: “[The heaters are] really good, they’ve made some difference. It’s just instant heat when you need it.” Another commented that, with having small children in the house, the cooler outer casing of the new Quantum models added peace of mind: “It means I don’t have to use heater guards.”

SHEPD held an open day recently to offer more information about the project, both to members of the public and Hjaltland tenants.

The public event in particular was very well attended and saw a lot of interest from folk looking to find out more about how being involved in NINES could benefit them. Representatives from SHEPD, Dimplex and Hjaltland Housing Association were on hand to offer advice and information.

The NINES team would like to remind tenants that if they do have any questions or comments, or help using the new heaters, they are welcome to get in touch with development officer Louise Thomason either via email, by contacting, or at the Hjaltland office on 01595 694986.

Meanwhile, a website dedicated to the NINES project was recently launched. was developed to provide information about the various aspects of the project and features details on the trails and technologies involved, the benefits, and why it is being done.

Here you can find out more about demand side management and active network management, which are both components of the NINES model. Feedback from the customers who took part in the six home trials can be found, as well as information on the various contributors to the project and how the community is involved.A feedback section has also been included, comments and enquiries are welcomed.

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