Offices closed for Up Helly Aa festivities

January 27th 2020

All the staff at Hjaltland Housing Association would like to wish Jarl Liam Summers and his squad all the very best on the day!

Due to the Up Helly Aa festivities our offices will be closed the day after Up Helly Aa, Wednesday 29th January, we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you have an emergency repair within these hours, please call the emergency out of hours number on 01595 692387.


An emergency arises where there is danger to life or limb or serious damage to property. We aim to undertake emergency repairs within 6 hours. The following are emergencies:

  • A failure in the mains electrical supply, other than a power cut
  • A dangerous electrical fault
  • A burst water pipe or water tank
  • A blocked drain, if there is serious leakage
  • A blocked or totally unusable WC, if there is only one in the house
  • A property that is insecure, with a broken window or a damaged door, following an event such as a break-in or possibly storm damage

An emergency also arises if someone is locked in or locked out if the person:

  • Is elderly or disabled
  • Has other special needs
  • Is a young child

For all other tenants, being locked out due to a loss of keys is not an emergency and the replacement of keys will need to wait until our office is open.

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