NINES - Quantum heaters

December 9th 2013

Tenants in around 60 Hjaltland properties are now taking advantage of their new Quantum heating systems.

The contractors have visited homes in Scalloway, Sandness, Bressay, Walls and Lerwick.

The works contract runs until the winter of 2014, and tenants should look out for letters to let them know when their property is scheduled to receive the works. These will arrive around three weeks prior to the start date and tenants will then be contacted by the contractor to arrange access.

Feedback from tenants who have received the heaters has been very positive so far, with plus points being ease of use, being more in control of their heating and a more modern design.

The new Quantum heaters offer a more controllable method of heating the home than traditional storage heaters. Their advanced controls provide an opportunity for energy savings.

They can be programmed to suit the users’ lifestyle and it is recommended that this is done to ensure the heaters are working efficiently.

The installer will leave instructions, and will be available to give tenants an induction.

Tenants can also receive extra help and support from the Association by contacting NINES development officer Louise Thomason at the office on 01595 694986 or at

For more information on using the heaters please see the Technical Advice section of this website.

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