Tenant Satisfaction Survey Results

November 26th 2019

Hjaltland Housing Association recently completed a large scale survey of its tenants, to gauge levels of satisfaction, and to identify areas of improvement. The Association worked alongside tenants, through the Tenant Focus Group, to agree the format of the survey, the wording of the questions, and the methodology. Staff members embarked on a mission to speak with as many of the Association’s tenants as possible, via phone surveys, resulting in over 400 valued opinions, at an excellent return rate of 54%. The results were as follows;

95.6% tenants are satisfied or very satisfied with the overall service provided by HHA (National average – 90.1%)

99% tenants feel HHA is good or very good at keeping tenants informed (National average – 91.6%)

91.5% tenants are satisfied or very satisfied with the opportunities given to participate in decision making (National average – 86.5%)

87.6% satisfied or very satisfied with quality of their home (National average – 88.12%)

89.8% satisfied or very satisfied with the repairs service provided by HHA (National average – 91.66%)

89.5% satisfied or very satisfied with HHA’s contribution to the management of the neighbourhood (National average – 87.77%)

85.1% tenants felt the rent represents good or very good value for money (National average 83.21%)

Ian Bray, Head of Housing and Customer Services said: ‘We are delighted with the survey results, which will form part of our annual return to the Scottish Housing Regulator in May 2020. We place great importance on our tenants having a genuine voice in relation to our decision making, and the involvement of the Tenant Focus Group in the planning of this survey is testament to that commitment. Additionally, our survey provided an opportunity for us to have a chat with tenants who we may have little contact with on a regular basis, thus reinforcing our relationship, and reminding tenants we are here to help. Tenant participation was one of the areas we previously identified as requiring some attention. It is therefore particularly pleasing to see tenant satisfaction in this report rise significantly, with over 91% of tenants satisfied with the opportunities given to them to be involved. Furthermore, our list of interested tenants has increased following the survey, and we would encourage any tenant who would like to be involved, to contact us at our office at Harbour Street. Tenant Participation is evolving, and whilst the Tenant Focus Group meet on a quarterly basis, we also encourage ‘consultation from your couch’, where tenants can comment on policies or performance from the comfort of their home.

‘We recognise this can be a stressful time of year for many of our tenants. Financial pressures in the build-up to Christmas, combined with an increase in heating costs with the winter weather, can be enough to put extra pressure on already tight household budgets. As a landlord, we are here to help. Our Financial Inclusion Officer can offer advice on Universal Credit or Housing Benefit claims, look at income maximisation and sign post to a number of agencies, including applications for Community Care & Crisis Grants. At a time when it is reported 30% of all tenants in Social Housing in Shetland ‘Do not manage well financially’, (Scottish Household Survey, published 18th November) we are keen to ensure tenants know they are not alone, and support is available. We understand in-work poverty is also very common, and our support service is therefore available to all our tenants, regardless of their employment status. Fuel poverty remains a key issue in Shetland, across all tenures. Visit our dedicated support page on our website, offering advice and tips on keeping your home as energy efficient as possible. Our in-house team are also on hand to offer practical advice to help reduce your costs.’

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