Updated Awarding of Medical Points Process

January 22nd 2020

Following new guidance issued by the Scottish Government on the assessment of housing need, Hjaltland Housing Association & Shetland Islands Council are implementing a new way to measure the relationship between health and housing.

This assessment has previously been completed by the Director of Public Health office, but a new assessment panel will oversee applications. The panel is made up of Senior Housing staff from both landlords, who will be joined by Occupational Therapists for their expertise on mobility and access.

A new medical application form has been created, in consultation with applicants, and will be used to assess housing need from February 2020. Additional medical advice or confirmation from GPs will only be sought where absolutely necessary, in line with the published guidance.

The scale of points awarded will remain the same, and applicants will retain a right of appeal. Points will not be awarded solely for the presence of a health condition, regardless of its severity, or where an applicant is likely to recover within 12 months.

Points will only be awarded where your health is adversely affected by your current housing circumstances, and a move to alternative accommodation would significantly help this.

The new Medical Assessment form can be downloaded here.

New medical assessment forms will be issued with housing application forms as of Wednesday 22nd January 2020.

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