Disabled Adaptions

Grants are available for disabled adaptations. Applications must be accompanied with a report from an Occupational Therapist recommending the works to be carried out. The applicant will be eligible to receive 100% funding towards the cost of the work. 100% funding is available through the Scheme of Assistance to applicants on means-tested benefits or a minimum of 80% with a 20% top-up from Social Work for all other applicants.

Referrals for an Occupational Therapy assessment can be contacting the service direct or the One Stop Shop team can make a referral on the client’s behalf.

The types of work available include the removal of a bath and the installation of a level access shower or ramped access to the property.

The One Stop Shop will provide support and assistance to all clients applying for disabled adaptations. The service will include preparation of architectural drawings, seeking quotations from contractors, assisting in the grant application process and overseeing the work being carried out. The One Stop Shop will arrange payments by the Shetland Islands Council to the approved contractor relating to the works.

Alternatively, applicants can opt to make their own application with the help of family members and still receive a full grant for the works carried out.

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Minor Adaption Service

An adaptations service is available where the public may refer directly to the One Stop Shop for simple adaptations without waiting for an assessment from the Occupational Therapy Service.