Our Properties

From this page, following the links below, you can, browse a list of our available properties, find out about our current developments, read about our factored properties, check out our property map and see an explanation of our standards.

In this Section

Available Properties

Here is a list of the properties we are currently advertising.

Current Developments

Since the Association was established, we have built several hundred properties in Shetland and we continue to undertake new housing developments in order to try to meet the continuing strong demand.

Factored Properties

The Association provides a factoring service to a number of sharing owners & owner occupiers on our schemes.

Property Map

The map shows the locations of all our properties.

Our Schemes

Information about the many schemes we have in Shetland.

Our Standards

We aim to develop and maintain a housing stock that meets the needs of our tenants and to provide a service that meets their expectations.