Lifecycle Maintenance

We undertake regular maintenance of all our properties in order to keep them in good condition.

The work done can include decoration, replacement of fittings and the inspection and upgrading or repair of central heating systems, warden alarm systems, fire panels, emergency lighting, lifts and, in some schemes, communal paths.

In planning the work, we have to take account of the financial resources available to us and it may not always be possible to adhere to our timetable.

External redecoration is carried out over a six year cycle. In exposed areas, partial decoration will be carried out every third year. Prior to redecoration, all necessary repairs to the exterior are carried out. This includes repairs to, or renewal of, doors, windows, gutters and downpipes.

Other lifecycle maintenance includes replacement kitchens, harling / render repairs, full electrical testing and replacement of smoke detectors to name a few.

Our Committee agrees a programme of planned maintenance every year and we then publish details in our regular newsletter, which all our tenants receive. After that:

  • Before work starts, we write to tenants who will be affected by the work and let them know the name of the contractor who will carry out the work.
  • If the work is cancelled or postponed for any reason, we write to tenants to let them know.
  • Where a choice of fittings (such as kitchen doors or worktops) is available, we’ll invite the tenant to decide which style they prefer.
  • The contractor will contact the tenant directly to arrange access to carry out the work.
  • We shall ask tenants for feedback on any internal maintenance work and major external work such as harling

If you would like to find out more about the lifecycle maintenance programme please contact the Association.

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Repair Priorities

If the repair is a ‘qualifying repair’ under the ‘Right to Repair’ rules, you may be entitled to compensation if we or our contractor don’t complete the work on time.