Request a Repair

Requesting a repair

On this page, you can find advice about reporting/requesting a repair. If you find that a repair is needed, please report it to us as soon as possible. You can use the form below to request a repair or telephone us on 01595 694986.

If you need an emergency repair outside of office hours you should contact the out of hours emergency service on 01595 692387, for emergency repairs during office hours please telephone us.

Emergencies (Target completion of an emergency repair is 6hrs from receipt of initial call)

An emergency arises where there is danger to life or limb or serious damage to property. We aim to undertake emergency repairs within 6 hours. The following are emergencies:

  • An emergency arises where there is danger to life or limb or serious damage to property.
  • A failure in the mains electrical supply, other than a power cut.
  • A dangerous electrical fault.
  • A burst water pipe or water tank.
  • Uncontainable leak.
  • A blocked drain, or if it’s backing up.
  • A blocked or totally unusable WC, if there is only one in the house.
  • A property that is insecure, with a broken window or a damaged door, following an event such as a break-in or possibly storm damage.
  • An emergency also arises if someone is locked in / locked out, if they are or have elderly, disabled, children or other vulnerable people living at the property. For all other tenants, being locked out due to a loss of keys is not an emergency and the replacement of keys, will need to wait until our office is open.

If the emergency occurs during office hours, you should phone us as soon as possible on 01595 694986.

If the emergency arises when our offices are closed you should call the out of hours emergency repairs service on 01595 692387. If the repair is an emergency according to the Maintenance Policy then the response centre will arrange for a contractor to attend. If the repair is not an emergency it will be dealt with when the office re-opens.

Emergency Repair - Total Loss of Heating (Target completion of 24hrs from receipt of initial call)

Where there is a total loss of heating with no alternative, reported over a weekend or public holiday, we will complete this repair within 24 hours. Where the issue is complex and can’t be resolved within the timescales, an alternative heat source (plug-in heater) will be supplied.

This does not include loss of hot water, which will be dealt with as a Right to Repair 1, as shown below.

If it is subsequently found that the incident was not an emergency as defined above, the tenant may be recharged for the cost of the call-out.

Other Repairs

Most repairs are not emergencies. We classify non-emergency repairs in the following ways:


These are repairs which would become emergencies if not done quickly

Urgent repairs to be completed within 3 days include:

  • Roof leaks to the property.
  • Repair of minor water leaks on central heating and hot water installations.
  • Broken sanitary fittings.
  • Slow drainage of sanitary fittings and showers
  • Overflows which are causing a hazard


These are non-urgent.

General repairs to be completed within 10 working days include:

  • Door and window repairs, such as repairs to handles, seals etc.
  • Gutter repairs.
  • Minor roof repairs, such as broken tiles
  • Minor internal plastering repairs.
  • Repairs to boundaries
  • Dripping taps/washer replacement

We’ll try our best to meet those response times and we’ll sometimes be able to complete the work more quickly. Sometimes, though, there may be a delay for reasons beyond our control, such as a lack of spare parts from local suppliers. If that happens, we’ll provide an explanation and an estimated completion date.

In order to report the need for an urgent or general repair, please fill in this form. Please take particular care to give us full details of:

  • The address of the property
  • The exact nature of the repair required: for example, is the cold or hot water system involved?
  • A daytime contact phone number, which will often be a mobile number
  • Precise details of how and when we can gain access to the property.

It is important to give us all the details required on the form. If you don’t, we shall need to contact you again and there may be a delay before we can do the work.

Please note that you will be charged for any damage that is found to have been caused by you, your family, guests or pets.

Repair Request Form

Please do NOT use this form to report emergencies. Emergencies should be reported using the Emergency Contact Numbers.
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