Dimplex Quantum Heating

Technical advice on the Quantum Heating System.

It is recommended you programme your heaters to suit your lifestyle. They are designed to store heat until required, so it is much more economical to use the progammer than alter the settings on a daily basis.

The heaters have two main pre-set programmes - Out All Day and Home All Day.

Out All Day gives you the option of two heating periods in any 24-hour period; while Home All Day gives you four adjustable heating periods. Both programmes have pre-set times but these can be adjusted to suit your needs.

There is also a User Timer function, which also gives four adjustable heating periods. This is not preset.

Each property is provided with a full set of user instructions and additional copies can be downloaded from here. There is also a 'frequently asked questions' sheet available providing practical advice on the use of the Quantum heaters. The Association also offers technical advice for tenants to assist them in using the heating system in the most efficient way.

Alternatively if you feel you'd like some extra help, we'd be pleased to offer you this. You can either visit the Association office for a demonstration, or we can arrange a visit to your home. Please contact the Association on 01595 694986 or by email, mail@hjaltland.org.

More information about the heaters can also be found at Dimplex's website, or by going to www.dimplex.co.uk under the Installed Heating section.

If you require a copy of the user instructions in a different language please contact the Association.

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