Fire Safety in the home

The Association is providing some fire safety advice and links to assist in raising the awareness of the dangers of fire in the home.

Fire Safety in the Home.

All Association properties are fitted with mains wired smoke detectors with battery back-up to alert tenants in the event of a fire starting in their property. The Association recommends that you test your smoke detectors at least once a month to ensure they are working properly.

The national Fire Kills Campaign has a large number of leaflets and videos promoting fire safety awareness and recommends that when you test your smoke alarms, you could test the smoke alarms of an older family member, neighbour or friend who needs help. It only takes a moment and gives your family and people you care about a better chance of surviving a fire.

Testing is easy: All detectors have a “test button” that when pressed for 10 seconds will sound the alarm. If the sounder on your alarm does not work please contact the Association immediately.

More information regarding regular checks on the Smoke Alarm fitted to your property is available here. The Association also offers technical advice and inductions for tenants to assist them in maintaining their smoke alarms. Please contact the office if you want further information.

Residents living in flats or properties with common access such as stairwells and corridors should minimise the risk of a fire starting in these areas by ensuring they are kept clear at all times. Items such as furniture, bikes, rubbish etc. must not be left in these areas. Common stairs and corridors provide essential escape routes in the event of a fire starting. Further advice is available from the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service here.

Additional information on Fire Safety in the home is available by clicking on the links below:

Fire Safety Guidance

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Information is available in a number of different languages on Fire Service Safety in the Home.

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